Service Centre


Where do I report a fault with my Roma product?

If you have purchased directly from Roma or from an authorised retailer, please fill out our contact form below to report an issue with your order. Regardless of your place of purchase, Roma will deal with all aftercare.

Will I get a loan stroller whilst mine is being serviced or repaired?

We do not currently have a loan stroller programme. If you have purchased from a Roma retailer, please contact them directly to ask if they provide a loan stroller.

I have thrown out the box the stroller came in, how can I send it back?

Unfortunately our courier will not collect unless the stroller is adequately packaged in a secure box.

My wheels are sticking, does my stroller need to be serviced?

9 times out of 10, the wheels on a stroller will become stiff if not lubricated. To avoid this, please ensure you are lubricating your wheel axle and surrounding plastic housings with silicone spray. If you need further assistance, please email for further advice.